Monday, June 15, 2009


Max is going to be an older brother...a lot earlier than planned!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here are some pictures from Max's blessing, we blessed him on Dec. 28, so it's a pretty late post.

Here's the whole fam...Just in case you don't know who they are here you go...from left to right!
back row...Brian - hubby, Lance - brother, Blake - brother, Leah - sister
4th row...Me, Katie - sister in law, Becca - sister in law, Carlos - brother in law
3rd row...Dad (not my grandpa) Mom
2nd row...Madox (his friends call him Max), Talmage - (Leah's), Nixon - (Leah's)
1st row...Jones (Lance's), Atticus (Lance's) and Hunter (Blake's)

I just love all of my cute nephews...Can you believe we have a whole basketball team plus a sub...too bad only Hunter and Max are going to be tall...
I can't wait to finally have girls in the family...Katie and Becca are both pregnant with girls!! Can't wait to meet Penelope and Kyah!!!!
Anyway, there is really not much going on. Max is growing like a weed! He's been sick since last Thursday, so I finally took him in on Sunday to the Instacare and he weighs 16 lbs. LOVE IT! On the sad side, he has RSV and so we have to go to the hospital twice a day and get him suctioned and have breathing treaments...latest news is he might have to be admitted if we can't get his dehydration under control, so please keep him in your's so sad to see him sick. I hate it. Oh, and another crappy thing, Brian is out of town for work, he's plumbing a church in Torrey Utah, anyone know where that is??? Didn't think so. Sorry no more pictures, we still don't have the internet, so I never have time to post when I'm at my parents or the in-laws.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Here are a few pictures of Max...enjoy!

He really loves his sleep!

This is usually what he looks like after he's done eating!

He was helping me cook in the kitchen, apparently he doesn't like to cook.

He really likes when Harley licks him

He's just learning how to smile! So cute!

So we went to his 2 months appt. and he's growing like a weed. Here are his stats:
13.5 lbs. - 75%
23.5 in. - 55%
his head is in the 45%
He is so much fun. He's still sleeping like a champ (5 - 6 hrs) and he loves to eat. He is just learning how to smile and laugh...which makes my day so much better. He loves to watch Harley and Ace (our 2 beagles) and he thinks it's funny when they lick him. He likes to go on walks and loves the car. We went to San Diego for New Years and he slept for 6 hours straight on the way there and he slept the whole time at Sea World (waking only to eat). I love being a mom and I couldn't have imagined that someone so tiny could bring so much joy in my life. I love it!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Sorry, I haven't been very good at adding pictures. We just don't have the internet and I always forget to bring my camera to my in-laws to add the pics I have on it. So these are all taken with my phone...sorry not the best quality, but here are a few pics.

I just took this pic...the flash on my phone is super bright, hence his lovely face.
And the flash doesn't help my albino complexion either.

This is when I was decorating the christmas tree, he was such a great help!

I just like this outfit, so I had to post a pic of him wearing it.

I think he was having a little gas in this pic. but it was the first pic I have with his eyes open.

He's seriously the best baby ever. He sleeps 5 1/2 to 6 hours and is always super content to just sit in his crib, swing, or in the boppy. He looks exactly like his dad and even makes the same faces as he does. I love it!

He has a little cold right now, so last night was the first night where I really experienced sleep deprivation...I'm talking 2 hours of sleep...YIPEE! I feel so bad for the little guy, I wish I could just blow his nose. Hopefully tonight he'll be able to breathe a little easier, at least I'm hoping the humidifier will help out a little. So, there you all go, just a few pics and a little about what's going on with us...mostly just Madox.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Scoop

Okay, so I will finally post about the exciting events of Madox's birth. This post is going to be full of details, so it will probably be very long, but I want to write down everything that I remember so I can have it in the future.
I woke up on Wednesday Nov. 12 fully expecting to go to work. I had a morning routine of getting up going potty (I was pregnant) and then getting my breakfast and going to eat it in my front room on my couch. Well, after getting my cereal I went to sit down on my couch and it felt like I peed my pants...thinking to myself, I swear I just went to the bathroom, did I really just pee my pants? So, I immediately called Leah (it's 7:15am) and asked her what it felt like when your water breaks...I explained my situation and she told me to go to the hospital. Thinking that she was crazy I decided to just continue eating my cereal (I was hungry), but after sitting down and feeling some more wetness (not the greatest feeling) I decided that I had better call Brian and tell him that I think my water broke. Now the water is just a flowin', so I get in the shower and start making my calls. First, Brian didn't answer, so I send him a text telling him to call me asap as my water just broke. Then I call Brian's mom (they were driving to Arizona that day to visit Brian's brother) I had to tell her not to go until after I had the baby. While on the phone with her Brian calls me. I tell him the news (I can tell he's freaking out) he says he'll leave work right then, but he's in Salt Lake and it's morning traffic, so it will probably take him awhile to get home. I say that's fine because I wasn't in any pain, I just had water spurting from the fountain of youth! I then call my mom and let her know what's going on. I proceed to take a shower and get ready...with a full freakin' towel between my's really coming out! By the time Brian gets home the towel and my unders are soked through and I have to change...annoying! I was extremely calm and thought Brian needed a hair cut (I wanted him to look good in pictures) he boldly told me NO, that we needed to get to the hospital.
After getting checked in at the hospital (9:30am) the nurse had to check to see if it was my amniotic fluid that was flowing freely or just some other liquid (not quite sure what other liquid) they did this because I was only dialated at a 2 and I wasn't having any steady contractions (so I thought) and they didn't want to induce labor since I was only 37 weeks until they new for certain that it was amniotic fluid. The first test failed (the nurse said she was 95% sure, but she had to be positive to give my pitocin) she said she would wait for 1 hour and come and check again. The next time she checked it was positive, meanwhile I was having good contractions, but the still weren't regular so they hooked me up to some pitocin and put the monitor on (they actually did this when I got there).
Long story short, I didn't feel any contractions what so ever, so around 5:30pm I was dialated to an 8 the nurse asked me if I wanted an epidural. I told her I did because I didn't want to chance all of the sudden having pain, so they gave me the epidural and 1/2 hour later I was fully dialated, but little Mad was posterior (hence the reason I was dialating so slowly), so the dr. stuck his lovely hand up there to try to turn him and then we had to wait...finally the dr. determined that he flipped on his own and to start pushing. I started pushing at 7pm and little Mad was born at 8:33 and 54 seconds...I know the time so well because everyone that was there (which were my mom, leah, brian, brian's mom, brian's sister Marianne, and my sister in law Katie) wrote on the white board their guess on the time and weight that he would be. And Brian guessed the time right on, so that's why I remember it so well. We also had Dr. Broberg guess his weight, which he guessed was going to be 7lbs 10 oz. Finally after 1 1/2 hours of pushing we welcomed our little guy into the world. Right when he came out Dr. Broberg said, this is not a 7 lb. baby! I was so surprised to find out that he weighed 9 lbs. I was 8 lbs and Brian was only 6, so I thought we would have an average sized baby and being 3 weeks early, I thought for sure he would be small...guess not!

Anyway, sorry for the boring post, this is more for my records!

A few things that were interesting...after his head came out Dr. Broberg said this is going to be a very tight squeeze...and all of a sudden there was a nurse that jumped on top of my and started pushing on my pelvis...apparently this widens your pelvis??? I had never seen this nurse and I'm not quite sure where she even came from.
Madox was all twisted...Brian said he looked like a cork screw!
His umbilical cord was the biggest that the Dr. had ever seen!
He had to have a monitor put on the top of his head because his heart rate kept dipping with every push.
He had jaundice, so we had to go home with the bili bed and blanket and he had to be on those for 3 days...I hated it!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


November 12, 2008
9 lbs 1 oz
19 1/2 inches
**3 weeks early**

**This isn't the best picture because I forgot my camera and I couldn't download any of those pictures. I will post more when I remember to bring my camera to my in-laws house (since we have a non-working internet connection).**

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Dialated: 1 cm

Effaced: 70%

So little man, please come out now, we are anxiously awaiting your arrival!